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Chance Four

More Than a Second Chance

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My Brother's Keeper, Antiques and More
Chicago Drive, Hudsonville  MI  49426
(Between Port Sheldon Street and 32nd. Avenue on Chicago Drive.)
How about a game with prizes?
Starting October 2014
Each month our "Lucky Duck" will be waiting for you inside the store.
Find him, turn him over, and e-mail us with what you find.
(then put him back, he needs to be there at the end of the month or all entries are void)
Sometimes it will be a colored dot.
Sometimes it will be lots of dots
Sometimes a message you will see
No mater what you find, the prize will be FREE !
At the end of the month we will draw from the entries and find a winner.
The prize will be waiting for you at Antiques and More!
So ... what's the prize?
You choice of a "Lucky Duck" construction kit
A beautiful Nash-Crash Rubber Band Race Car
This is what you're looking for:
Below is what you get:
Your choice of
         The "How to Build a Lucky Duck" kit          or              The beautiful Nash-Crash Rubber Band Race Car

Walk with us through the store ...

Tears of Joy Tissue Box Covers
Oval Centers are Magnetized and Interchangeable
with School Logos, Holidays, or your special Personalized Logo or Message
Build a Duck (a Lucky Duck) with your Favorite Adult
wonderful quality time making something you'll use every day
Hand Woven Recycled Blue Jean Rug
Made on a loom created by our members in Fennville
Sample of First Prize Winner at Hudsonville Fair
Award Winning Rug with her Blue Ribbon
at the Hudsonville Library where she was created.
Upcoming Classes
Beautiful Rubber Band Race Car
Ready to Roar
Hudsonville Eagle Latch Hook Wall Hanging and Stadium Seat
                                                                         Don't forget to find our DUCK !!

                                                                             And, good luck